Who We Are


Vene was founded in Berlin by freenet digital GmbH, one of the largest digital content providers in the world. Freenet digital has a long, rich history of digital content creation and advertising. To be able to run our business more efficiently, we decided to build our own SaaS performance marketing and compliance tools because none of the existing solutions on the market could fit our needs. Short after the initial release in 2017 we decided to make our solutions available to other clients.

Today vene dash and vene overwatch are widely used solutions within the performance marketing industry with an ever-growing happy customer base.

freenet group

Freenet digital is part of Freenet Group, the largest independent telecommunications provider in Germany. We add mobile value within the digital lifestyle sector and provide multiple alternatives to mobile payment. In return, we utilize freenet Group's distribution channels to promote our own products and services.


At Freenet digital, we place a strong focus on creating a cooperative environment that fosters creativity and innovation. Even though we just recently celebrated our 18 year anniversary, freenet digital always remains a start-up at heart.

Our team consists of about 100 people from over 25 different countries. Are you looking for an international experience in a highly professional environment? Are you an ambitious team player, self-motivated and dedicated? Join the team!

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