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vene – Performance Marketing Made Simple

By | Digital Marketing

Sometimes marketers and tech enthusiasts get all hyped up when writing about their pet projects, mainly because they’re proud of the offering, not to mention the fact they are the main people understanding it, inside and out.

But this passion can lead to them creating content and informational pages about projects that are detailed and knowledgeable but a little outside the comprehension of the average “Joe.”

Here at vene we want to make sure everyone understands exactly what we offer and how our fantastic suite of products can help you build, grow and establish your online income and investment.

Trying to describe everything at once is a little complex, so for that reason alone, let’s take each section individually and give a top-level explanation of what it is, so we all have a general idea of how exactly it can help!


This system enables Advertisers & Ad Networks to manage offers, aggregate data and improve performance, all within a single, streamlined system.

The product itself meets all the needs of both small businesses (that want to grow and steadily increase ROI) along with large enterprises (that want a reliable feature-rich platform that allows them to run long term campaigns in a stable environment.)

With our innovative and advanced technologies, vene dash offers one of the best solutions for managing and optimizing advertising campaigns as well as minimizing the time to achieve the best results.

vene dash uses state of the art technologies from the leaders of the adtech market such as Google Cloud and Mailchimp. With our distributed cloud-based infrastructure and unparalleled system uptime, vene dash clients can focus on scaling their businesses up, instead of worrying about downtimes.

Our geolocation and intelligence solutions allow access to the best-in-class global IP datasets for ad targeting and tracking. This way clients can more accurately geotarget, either as a standalone targeting benchmark or by adding accurate IP location data to other data sets to build better targeting profiles.


vene overwatch is a platform that allows Content provider, Mobile Network Operators and Advertising Networks to gain complete control over the traffic that is being sent to their offers by analyzing each incoming click, detecting suspicious behavior and blocking fraudulent user journeys before they can cause harm (to businesses and/or end-users).

The system itself is specifically designed to help businesses in the VAS ecosystem such as carriers and content providers to secure their business reputation by detecting and managing fraud.

It encompasses state of the art in-house fraud protection innovation technologies along with utilizing 3rd party solutions to guarantee accurate results.

The main function of the platform is to manage fraud with the goal to reduce harmful transaction with the highest certainty to ensure no loss of revenues.

Machine learning is the essential key of the platform in the detection of fraud but also to validate its existing fraud management strategies.

Unlike other solutions on the market the vene overwatch solution is easily intergraded and can be adapted by its users in a timely fashion.


The vene DSP has been engineered specifically to cater to the needs of its users. With a simple setting process that allows users to run, track and optimize campaigns with a fully stacked and easy to use DSP/ RTB self-service platform

Our platform offers strategically thought out services to ensure its users reap the benefits when running mobile campaigns

Whether it’s branding, app installs or re-engagement, we provide expert support for each individual business need.

vene DSP utilizes state of the art algorithms powered by a proprietary core engine paired with a unique analytical capacity and deep user-interaction understanding.

The platform’s fully automated process handles any bid request in sub milliseconds, ensuring both scale and highest performance standards.

These features enable vene DSP to deliver valuable app-related insights and unparalleled mobile campaign results.

So what’s the overall result?

The vene suite of tools offers its users the complete performance marketing solution to analyze, protect and grow their business in a cost-effective and measurable way.

vene is a customer centric ad-tech marketing tool, built in Berlin by industry experts. vene mission is to enable digital advertisers to strengthen and secure their businesses in an uncomplicated, secure and profitable way.

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App Store Optimization (ASO): What Is It and How It Works

By | ASO, Digital Marketing

Since the birth of Google (and other mainstream search engines), marketers have found themselves in a sea a of new marketing styles, one of which being Search Engine Optimization. Nevertheless, the innovative digital landscape is evolving, and with over 2.9 million apps flooding on the play store (similar figures on the App Store), the dawn of a new era has arisen – the art of App Store Optimization (ASO).

We often hear people complaining that after heavily investing in the development of an app, it quickly vanishes from the app store upon release, being placed below all other apps in only a matter of weeks, even days. To tackle this problem, on November 3rd, 2009, an app developing genius named Mr. Johannes Borchardt introduced the world to the concept of app store optimization at a seminar held in Berlin. The concept behind app store optimization is to increase the visibility and engagement of an app and its interactions on the app store.  

50% of people engaging with apps have been shown to invest time on the app, or play store, 1 or 2 times a week.

The breakthrough concept is quite simple in theory and the logic behind it is standard practice across most marketing plans, both online and offline. The more visibility and engagement you have with an audience the more likely they are to download or potentially purchase your product, service or app.  

Now that we have the basis for the concept that is App Store Optimization, lets take a step forward and deep dive into its importance for marketers.  

Why is ASO Important?  

  • Search is the leading contributing factor of app discoveries and downloads. According to research, over 60% of apps are found by people searching for specific keywords on the app or play store.  
  • Estimations from studies carried out by some of the world’s leading universities have shown the average person spends approximately 3.2 hours daily on their mobile phones and, of this time, 90% or more is spend on apps.  
  • 50% of people engaging with apps have shown to invest time on the app or play store 1 or 2 times a week. This is enough reason to make sure your app is visible without any other necessary explanation.  
  • Are you sure your app will be noticed on the app or play store? This is the number one question publishers and developers should keep on their minds, as studies point to the fact that 83% of apps are filtered out from the search results within one week of publishing. This means that, unless you utilize ASO techniques, your app will be invisible and most likely a waste of your investment.  

By now you should understand that ASO is not just important, it is a necessity for the success of your app.  Let’s take a closer look at the fundamentals of how this technique works.  

Key elements 

  • It might sound obvious but, without being focused and accurate with keywords, it will be difficult to utilize ASO successfully. To break it down – you might know exactly what your app does and how it should be categorized but are you certain that you know the key terms that should be associated with it? 
  • If the answer is no, do take the time to do a proper research using all the online tools at your disposal to make sure your keywords are on point for your targeted audience. Once you have these locked down, it is of the upmost importance to use them in the name and description of your app.  
  • A clear example can be seen below. A search for war games shows this game on top, clearly displaying “war” in the title and “war games” in the first line of description.

app store optimization

App Logo  
  • The logo has the same fundamental reason for being there throughout the history of marketing techniques and approaches.  
  • A logo is a key identifier for your brand and gives an image association to your product or service.  
  • In the app store environment, this is more important than ever as it is the key contributing factor to what is going to be noticed, regarding your application, when a potential consumer might interact with it.  
  • Be sure that your logo is bright and visually stimulating and if possible relative to the industry.  
  • Like with any product or service, the description of your application is your company’s opportunity to divulge to potential consumers exactly what the benefits of your application are and why they should use it.  
  • Along with this, the description is a key component in you ASO strategy as it is an ideal way to add additional keywords.  
  • Make sure that the USP of your application is stated in the description, even more than once, to enhance the consumers reason for download. Eg: Download Now For Free.
  • The screenshot of the application is your company’s opportunity to give the potential consumer the wow factor as this is where they have a change to get a sneak preview of how different pages of your application work. It is critical that the end user is provided with a correct and interactive preview.  
  • The Uber application has been noted to be one of the top applications available on the market that invest heavily in this element.  

In modern society, the idea of tried-and-tested is more important than ever and potential consumers are significantly more likely to download your application, and continue to use it, if they have seen its value for other users. 

 Competitor Research 
  • Like any business, your competitors are both your arch enemies and your best friends when discovering the best way to market your business or service.  
  • The first thing to investigate from an AOS perspective is the type of keywords they are using. Once you have researched this, check the type of volumes these keywords have with keyword planning tools. If deemed applicable, and correctly audience targeted, copy these keywords to optimize your application. Remember to not copy the exact text being used, only the relative keywords from the context.   
 User Reviews 
  • In modern society, the idea of tried-and-tested is more important than ever and potential consumers are significantly more likely to download your application and continue to use it if they have seen its value for other users. 
  • Simply put, reviews are the digital marketing concept of “word-of-mouth.” The reviews are also fundamental to understand your users’ needs and continuing to develop your application going forward. This is an innovative industry, you must be seen to be innovative at all times.  
  • It has also been proved that just like any traffic source, the app stores consider reviews when displaying applications. For this reason, positive reviews are essential in maintaining market dominance.   
 Application Size 
  • Like the vast majority of digital products, the size of your application plays a strong contributing factor on whether your application will convert successfully on the app stores.  
  • Always keep in mind that an application larger than 100 MB is much more difficult to download on 3G or 4G connection and usually requires Wi-Fi.  Make sure to optimize the size of your application and to generate a lighter version which can be downloaded on weaker network connection.

Trending Techniques For Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

By | Digital Marketing, SEO

What’s better than targeted audience traffic? FREE targeted audience traffic! That’s the reason why every company loves organic traffic.

The phenomenon of search engine optimization is nothing new to the ears of an experienced marketer, but the concept of SEO techniques sends a quiver down the spine of even the most advanced digital marketing professional as it is forever changing.

Spending hours, if not days, researching hundreds of articles and blogs to identify the magical perfect SEO strategy is nothing new in the marketing world. Unfortunately, the bubble needs to be burst as there is not a one-size-fits-all perfect strategy to shoot your organic rankings and traffic. But fear not! We researched and tested some key techniques proven to work for us and are willing to share these ingenious concepts with you.


It might sound obvious to any marketer that quality content plays a major role in any SEO strategy, but the question is – how do you write quality content and what exactly is quality content?

Quality content, in its most fundamental state, simply means how you can answer your potential and previous consumer’s queries. The best way to create this type of content is to put yourself in your potential customer’s shoes and imagine what kind of questions you would get, then answer them in a format that is easy to understand, while utilizing keywords that are relative to the topic. Always remember that maintaining users on your site for an extended period is a key indicator to Google that your content is useful. As Google’s main priority is to give advantageous rankings to companies with positive end-user engagement, you will see this significantly impacting your current ranking.

Google have publicly announced that if a site takes longer than 4 seconds to load, it will be significantly penalized within the algorithm ranking.

Site Speed

Site speed is essential to your ranking status and if your site it slow, the chances of you ranking high are slim to non-existent. Google have publicly announced that if a site takes longer than 4 seconds to load, it will be significantly penalized within the algorithm ranking.

We advise to check your website speed with online platforms like GT Metrix. If you find that your site loading is slow, there is no need to panic straight away as there are potentially many reasons for this. The Google Page Speed Insights tool gives fantastic insights to what could be the matter so that you can get started on fixing the issues.


Always keep in mind that the URL is the first point of contact your website has with the search engine. For this reason, it is essential to make it as relevant to Google and to the end-user as possible. You should also make it easy to understand where exactly the URL will take them and what it is about. And it is no surprise that doing thorough keyword research, plus adding these keywords to the URLs, is an excellent way to increase rankings. The SEO platform MOZ or the Google Keyword planner are excellent sources for this time of informative keyword research.

Tip: make sure the keyword is reflected in the first 3-4 words as Google places greater emphasis on these keywords. Along with this action, keep the URL structure simple and under 75 characters. Check out below a few examples of good vs bad URL structures.

Good – -Techniques-2018
Bad – -SEO-234-222

Avoid using alphanumeric numbers as these may be treated as spam URLs by Google.

Meta Data

As a marketer, you have probably heard of the never-ending debate on whether Meta Data affects your search engine ranking or not. Let us answer that question right now.

Meta data is a major part of any SEO plan and goes into the actual code of the site. For example, title tags, meta descriptions, or H1 & H2 tags, go into the HTML head. What is visual to the naked eye is in fact not visual to the search engine, as they only read the code. Since meta data is part of the code, it is a huge component of your ranking and should have a prompt position within your SEO strategy.

It’s crucial to write relevant and visibly attractive meta descriptions as it significantly increases click-through rates. It is also important to constantly maintain the relevant keywords in your meta descriptions, as this is precisely what the end-user initially sees on the search engine results page (SERPs).

Along with the insertion of keywords at the beginning of each meta description, it has also been proven to help if you numerically rank the meta descriptions and use a sensationalized vocabulary with terms like “best”, “review”, “latest, and “innovative”. Finally, don’t forget to date stamp the year. Increased click-through rates indicate to search engines that the content is relevant to the end-users. Thus, the search engines will reward your ranking.

Search engines are now focusing more on semantic searches, which are based on understanding the end-user’s intent.

Topic Cluster

The dawn of a new day in SEO is upon us and the old technique of one keyword per page is slowly dimensioning. Search engines are now focusing more on semantic searches, which are based on understanding the end-user’s intent.

The more senior concept of keyword stuffing is now easily flagged predominantly due to new innovative technologies, such as latent semantic indexing. This alone is a strong enough reason to focus on a main topic, followed by a break down into narrower topics and pages where required.

External Linking

If you have been refraining from linking out to external sites with strong authority, I’m afraid you’re significantly missing out by preventing Google awareness to the topic of your site. External linking directs search engine bots to that specific page. If you’re able to link out to many authority pages relevant to the topic of your website, you make your site a Hilltop Hub.

“The Hilltop algorithm is an algorithm used to find documents relevant to a particular keyword topic.”

Google and other search engines reward this type of activity by moving them up in the SERPs. Typically, it has been identified that you should have 2-3 external links per 1000 words.

Interlink Pages

Did you know that every page on your actual website has a different level of page authority? Review your site to identify the pages with weaker page authority and those falling into the 2nd or 3rd pages of the SERPs. Once you identify them, you should do the same for the “positive” pages with strong page authority and good SERP rankings.

Once you unfold this information, link the lower pages with the higher pages. The main aim of doing this is to assist in the passing of domain equity between pages. And secondly, it will make your site far easier for the search engine bots to crawl.

What most people don’t know is that you can get backlinks from many other sources beyond influences, such as Wikipedia.



It is a well know fact that backlinks are the number one way to improve your organic rankings. Established SEO specialists around the globe go to great lengths to locate good backlinks.

Before SEO became a household name, it was easy to find backlinks as it was achieved through a simple exchange of links between companies. However, when influencers became a popular dynamic online, this concept turned into a profitable business model. You can spend extensive time and resources trying to find the ideal influencer for your business to get a backlink from them. This can be rather pricey as influencer rates have increased significantly over the past 3-5 years.

What most people don’t know is that you can get backlinks from many other sources beyond influencers, such as Wikipedia. Once you’re aware of the topics and specific keywords of your site, find pages on Wikipedia related to these keywords/topics and identify any dead links. Given that dead links no longer exist, you can replace them with your own links. This sounds a lot easier than it actually is as identifying dead links is significantly more difficult than one might presume. However, there is a way you can find those dead links.  See below:

Site: [keyword] + “dead link” 

Once you use the above formula you will be able to find dead links in related articles and add your backlinks. Always be sure that the linked pages content is relative to that of the Wikipedia page. If you don’t, most likely the link to your page will be removed quickly.

So here you go!

A concise description of what SEO is and how you can utilize in the best way possible to scale up your business.