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vene – Performance Marketing Made Simple

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Sometimes marketers and tech enthusiasts get all hyped up when writing about their pet projects, mainly because they’re proud of the offering, not to mention the fact they are the main people understanding it, inside and out.

But this passion can lead to them creating content and informational pages about projects that are detailed and knowledgeable but a little outside the comprehension of the average “Joe.”

Here at vene we want to make sure everyone understands exactly what we offer and how our fantastic suite of products can help you build, grow and establish your online income and investment.

Trying to describe everything at once is a little complex, so for that reason alone, let’s take each section individually and give a top-level explanation of what it is, so we all have a general idea of how exactly it can help!


This system enables Advertisers & Ad Networks to manage offers, aggregate data and improve performance, all within a single, streamlined system.

The product itself meets all the needs of both small businesses (that want to grow and steadily increase ROI) along with large enterprises (that want a reliable feature-rich platform that allows them to run long term campaigns in a stable environment.)

With our innovative and advanced technologies, vene dash offers one of the best solutions for managing and optimizing advertising campaigns as well as minimizing the time to achieve the best results.

vene dash uses state of the art technologies from the leaders of the adtech market such as Google Cloud and Mailchimp. With our distributed cloud-based infrastructure and unparalleled system uptime, vene dash clients can focus on scaling their businesses up, instead of worrying about downtimes.

Our geolocation and intelligence solutions allow access to the best-in-class global IP datasets for ad targeting and tracking. This way clients can more accurately geotarget, either as a standalone targeting benchmark or by adding accurate IP location data to other data sets to build better targeting profiles.


vene overwatch is a platform that allows Content provider, Mobile Network Operators and Advertising Networks to gain complete control over the traffic that is being sent to their offers by analyzing each incoming click, detecting suspicious behavior and blocking fraudulent user journeys before they can cause harm (to businesses and/or end-users).

The system itself is specifically designed to help businesses in the VAS ecosystem such as carriers and content providers to secure their business reputation by detecting and managing fraud.

It encompasses state of the art in-house fraud protection innovation technologies along with utilizing 3rd party solutions to guarantee accurate results.

The main function of the platform is to manage fraud with the goal to reduce harmful transaction with the highest certainty to ensure no loss of revenues.

Machine learning is the essential key of the platform in the detection of fraud but also to validate its existing fraud management strategies.

Unlike other solutions on the market the vene overwatch solution is easily intergraded and can be adapted by its users in a timely fashion.


The vene DSP has been engineered specifically to cater to the needs of its users. With a simple setting process that allows users to run, track and optimize campaigns with a fully stacked and easy to use DSP/ RTB self-service platform

Our platform offers strategically thought out services to ensure its users reap the benefits when running mobile campaigns

Whether it’s branding, app installs or re-engagement, we provide expert support for each individual business need.

vene DSP utilizes state of the art algorithms powered by a proprietary core engine paired with a unique analytical capacity and deep user-interaction understanding.

The platform’s fully automated process handles any bid request in sub milliseconds, ensuring both scale and highest performance standards.

These features enable vene DSP to deliver valuable app-related insights and unparalleled mobile campaign results.

So what’s the overall result?

The vene suite of tools offers its users the complete performance marketing solution to analyze, protect and grow their business in a cost-effective and measurable way.

vene is a customer centric ad-tech marketing tool, built in Berlin by industry experts. vene mission is to enable digital advertisers to strengthen and secure their businesses in an uncomplicated, secure and profitable way.

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