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Whether you’re an established performance marketer, an affiliate, a publisher, a network or an advertiser, you’ll be heading to Barcelona at the next week with two things in mind: make MONEY and have FUN! The vene team is here to make sure you track, optimize, combine and accomplish your goals.

First stop: the click industry meetup sponsored by vene and hosted by ClickBid Barcelona – MWC pre Cocktail party.

Besides ensuring you have a blast on the dancefloor, the vene team wants you enjoy yourself during the day. Therefore, we put together a few tips to make the most of your time in in one of the most beautiful cities on the planet – Barcelona!

Best Tapas Places in Town

Make sure you don’t leave Barcelona without tasting some patatas bravascalamares and, our ultimate favorite dessert, crema catalana.

Cerveceria Catalana – the vene team has legendary memories of this amazing tapas place so we place it on top of our list. Reservation is advice!

Sensi Bistro Tapes – another vene team favorite. Tell the chef your cravings and be surprised by what he brings you. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Bar Cañete – according to Conde Nasté “If you eat tapas only once while in Barcelona, let it be at Bar Cañete.”

Local Tips to Follow

Here’s a few tips to enjoy Barcelona as if you are a local.

Dinner time – Catalonians have their dinners late. Restaurants might be full of tourists in the early hours of the evening but around 22h, the locals take over. Join around this time for a quieter and less touristy experience.

Gintonic – after a busy day at MWC and a very local late dinner, treat yourself to what the world calls a G&T but Barcelona simply treats as a “gintonic”. Just like that, no “and”, no “gee”, all pleasure.

Beware of belongings – sadly, Barcelona is notorious for its pick-pocketing problem. So keep your wallet and business cards close, especially after that gintonic.

Useful Sentences

The main language in Barcelona is Catalan (not Castellan) so make a local happy by showing them you know the basics!

Bon Dia: Good Morning!
Hola: Hello!
Bona Tarda: Good Afternoon!
Adeu: Goodbye!
Merci: Thank you! (like in French, but with emphasis on ‘e’ instead of ‘i’)
¡Una cerveza, por favor!: A beer, please!

Arriving at MWC

The Mobile World Congress 2019 will take place between February 25th – 28th at Fira Gran Via, Barcelona, Spain. Here’s a few useful links to arrive, get settled, and start making business.

Where Is It
How To Get There
Opening Times
Get Your Badge

Arriving at the Clickbid Cocktail Party

Get to the Clickbid party hassle free and ready to mix and mingle with fellow affiliate marketing attendees!

Schedule: February 24th, 19:00 – 21:30h
Location: The Gates Barcelona Hotel rooftop
Dress Code: smart, casual and branded accepted

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